Flu shots being offered

October 18, 2023, 10:02 am

McNaughton High School Principal Sherrie Meredith getting her flu shot from pharmacist Joanne Clements at IDA Moosomin on Tuesday.

Flu shots are now being offered through the Saskatchewan Health Association and local pharmacies.

On Tuesday, October 10, McNaughton High School Principal Sherrie Meredith got her flu shot at IDA Moosomin and had her photo take as a way to encourage others to get their flu shots.

Joanne Clements, a pharmacist at IDA Moosomin, says people are experiencing vaccine fatigue since Covid and need to be encouraged to continue to get their annual flu shots.

“The demand has been lower, and also nationally the demand has been lower for flu shots post-Covid,” she says. “With people getting all of their vaccinations for Covid, people are just kind of experiencing vaccine fatigue but it’s still very important that you get your flu shot annually to protect yourself and also our community members.

“People who are most at risk for influenza are people who are younger and people who are older, so by Sherrie getting the flu shot here, she is protecting herself, but she is also protecting her community as well—because if she doesn’t get the flu then she can’t spread it to other people.”

Clements says now is the best time to get your flu shot.

“You want to get them before going into the winter season because winter is when the highest influenza rates are. So it’s good to get them done in October or November,” she says. “They are offered until the end of March but it’s best to get them done in October or November before we all congregate together when it’s cold out. That is your highest risk season.”