Lachlan Neville: ĎI really do feel privilegedí

October 30, 2023, 2:28 pm
Kevin Weedmark

Lachlan Neville will be performing in Moosomin on November 10 as part of the Moosomin Shrine Club fundraiser.

Most 18 year olds graduate high school and immediately head off to college, university or trade school, or get a 9-5 job.

Rocanvilleís Lachlan Neville, one of the performers who will entertain at the Shrine Fundraiser November 10, is taking a different route. He has been touring around Western Canada performing in front of crowds and sharing his talent.

ďI was up in Saskatoon this weekend and I played AmigosóI did a little songwriters circle there at Amigos Cantina,Ē he said Wednesday.

ďThen last night I played the Artesian in Regina and I have three more shows with Blake Berglund coming up. Itís going to be some smaller towns in southwest Saskatchewan.Ē

Whatís it like, hitting the road as a young singer-songwriter?

ďThereís not a lot of money but you have to just keep going and donít get stressed or bogged down in whatever comes up. Am I making a living at it? If by making a living, you mean not being miserable and doing what I want to do, then yeah, I guess thatís pretty much what Iím doing.Ē

He said it feels great to be doing what he loves.

ďItís kind of unreal. Itís honestly kind of like a dream, Iím not even kidding. Itís this, ĎIs this even happening?í kind of energy right now, a little bit. Also you kind of just learn as you go and itís a job and you have to treat it as a craft. Itís not just monkeying around, itís a learning experience and Iím sure that it always will be that.

ďThe most rewarding aspect of it, for me anyway, is just growing, learning and just doing new stuff.Ē

Writing new music
He said he still finds time to write new music while on the road.

ďI find that I go through spurts where Iím writing consistently and then go a couple of weeks without writing, but Iím writing pretty consistently, trying to figure out clever ways to turn a phrase.Ē

ďI write because itís like I have to, basically,Ē he said. ďLike if I donít, then Iím going to go insane. Thatís what it feels like.

ďI started writing when I discovered that I had to. My dream is to make movies and I always wanted to go to film school. Music is something that, obviously, is strong in our area. In Moosomin and Rocanville we have an amazing musical community and it was always something that I took for granted. But the more that I had to face the actual challenges of life, it was like this is something that I can feasibly do and that Iím passionate about.

ďIn our area thereís a pre-established scene and just a general acceptance towards art and music. Thereís a general interest in it.Ē

Neville said he was surrounded by music growing up.

ďAbsolutely. Oh yeah, I grew up listening to my dad play the guitar and my mom singing along to Joni Mitchell records and stuff. It wasnít long before I was like, ĎI want to try that.í I could have gone and played hockey but my parents werenít too keen on that so they gave me a guitar instead.Ē

Neville said he enjoys both writing and performing.

ďI like both of those things but itís just a personally fulfilling and rewarding process. I just want to keep on writing more stuff basically, thatís all it comes down to.Ē

Inspired by many
He said he has a lot of songwriters and musicians he looks up to.

ďDylan is kind of the reason Iím doing this,Ē he said. ďWhen I first heard Bob Dylan, everything that music is, kind of clicked with me. I also take inspiration from Jason Isbell, The Turnpike Troubadours and even Kendrik Lamar. Thereís a lot of music that inspires me. Iím always trying to challenge myself and right now Iím trying to fool myself into thinking that if I get jazz music Iíll have to listen to Charles Mingus and stuff like that and start getting into that. Itís so foreign to what I know, but the more you just keep with it, the more you kind of get into it. It opens up a third eye. Iím constantly engaging with music and getting to know new music through different genres and different artists and all of that is very important to me.Ē

Neville considers himself a singer-songwriter.

ďI am a singer-songwriter. Thereís roots in country, thereís roots in blues. Itís what youíd call Americana but I donít really like that term because itís a little too broad for my taste, but I just write songs and I sing them. Some of them go like that and some of them go like this.Ē

Neville says he didnít always know he would be on the path he is on now, but he knew he would be creating art in some way.

ďI always knew that I wanted to make art and that I wanted to say something, I just always knew that the reason Iím walking around is just to create things, basically. It sounds kind of cheesy when you say it like that but thatís genuinely how I feel.Ē

Shriner Fundraiser on November 10
He says he is looking forward to the Shrinersí fundraiser in Moosomin November 10.

ďItís another great opportunity and Iím really excited,Ē he said.

ďItís going to be a pretty big crowd Iím suspecting and Iím super excited to share my songs. Iíve got a lot of songs that pertain to Saskatchewan and the experiences of living and growing up in rural Saskatchewan and I think people will get something out of them. Iím super excited. Itís always great to play alongside JJ and Anthony, whoís been a great mentor for me. It will be a pleasure.Ē

Neville says he feels privileged to be doing what he loves.

ďIím very lucky,Ē he says. My mom and dad are just crazy about me pursuing my art and doing music and they are here to support me. A lot of people really donít have thatóIím gloating right now but I really do feel privileged.Ē