Esterhazy business giving the Gift of Hearing

November 15, 2023, 10:21 am
Ryan Kiedrowski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Chelsea Stewart with a patient at House of Hearing in Esterhazy.

As we prepare for the season associated with a barrage of materialistic messages prompting us to be good consumers in order to find that perfect Christmas gift, one business in Esterhazy has a valuable present to offer: the gift of allowing someone with hearing loss to enjoy the audible world again.

Until Dec. 1, people can nominate themselves or someone they love to receive a free set of premium hearing aids from House of Hearing for Christmas.

“The last two years have seen such a positive amount of support in the community,” said Chelsea Stewart, Registered Audiologist and owner at House of Hearing. “People have been very welcoming to us.”

It was that warm welcome and continued support that brought to mind some way of giving back, hence the Gift of Hearing giveaway.

Hearing aids are quite expensive, and while some people may have a fraction covered by their benefit plans, a large monetary amount still lingers in most cases.

“There are several people out there that need hearing aids, but it’s just not financially feasible for them to do that,” Stewart explained, adding that a lot of people she sees are on fixed incomes. “In some cases, it just isn’t an option for people.”

She also noted some of the negative effects of hearing loss, including people beginning to withdraw from social situations.

“When you miss so much and you really aren’t engaged and connected in the conversation, then it’s fairly disheartening,” Stewart said.

The premium hearing aids offered in the Gift of Hearing are valued at approximately $6,590, and it’s not just the product the lucky winner will receive. The offer includes a hearing assessment, fitting appointment and any after care the recipient may require.

“It is nice to be able to give something more - an experience and access to connection,” Stewart said.

“I feel like it is something that is going to have a positive impact in a person’s quality of life.”

Technological advancements have come a long way in the world of hearing aids. There are many options available that are unique as the individual’s needs. A person’s lifestyle, level of hearing loss and overall dexterity are a few factors in choosing the best device.

“Most hearing aids now do have the option of Bluetooth and rechargeable; from an entry level all the way to premium products,” Stewart said. “They have definitely come a long way.”

Providing the actual instruments to enable those affected by hearing loss to regain that sense is only a part of what the staff at House of Hearing offer.

Consultations, hearing assessments and educational programs are other services available. They also feature custom ear molds and hearing protection, professional cerumen removal and hearing conservation programs.

To fill out a nomination form, Stewart explained people can go to and find the Give the Gift of Hearing link under the Info tab. Alternatively, a nomination form can be requested by emailing or by visiting the Esterhazy clinic in person.

With the nomination deadline set at Dec. 1, Stewart anticipates contacting the lucky winner by Dec. 8, giving enough time to have the hearing aids delivered for Christmas.

“The whole goal was we did want the individual that was gifted to receive their hearing aids around Christmas,” she said. “We hope that we can have a positive impact on somebody, and brighten up somebody’s Christmas season with this hearing aid giveaway.”