Ground work on Elkhorn Daycare begins

January 29, 2024, 10:08 am
Ed James

Tutthill Construction begins ground work on the new daycare in Elkhorn.

Ground work by Tuthill Construction has begun on the new Elkhorn Daycare Centre. The new centre, which will have room for 74 children, will be a separate operation from the present Elkhorn daycare operation which has 28 spots that opened a few years ago in the modified and shared Elkhorn Curling Rink facility.

The new daycare centre is part of the Manitoba and federal government’s program to develop 23,000, new full-time childcare spaces across Canada by 2026.

A spokesperson at the work site that is located in the northern part of the village across the road from the side of the community’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 school said that the excavation foundation work could take a week or more dependent on the frozen ground. After the ground work is completed, JQ Built Inc. will start construction right away.

In conjunction with the new daycare centre, Elkhorn has been given the opportunity to offer an on-site daycare workers’ training program offered as an off campus program from Assiniboine Community College of Brandon. Before the course can start, it needs a minimum enrollment of 10 students.

The 18 month program will be a combination of two days in classes that will be offered locally and two days a week at the daycare getting hands-on practical experience. Furthermore, upon successful completion of the training program, there will be a tuition rebate available for the program’s students.

For more information on the training program, please contact Tawna McLean at the Elkhorn LUD office.

“We are nearing our needed student quota numbers and the community as a whole is excited about the new daycare centre and the local offering of the ACC training course where you will be able to earn as you learn,” said McLean.

A photo of the sign set up on-site.<br />