More donations to Airport Expansion Project

May 2, 2024, 3:51 pm
Kevin Weedmark

Craig Roy of Roy Farms has donated $25,000 to the Moosomin Airport Expansion Project. The airport expansion will allow the Moosomin Air Ambulance and corporate jets to access the Moosomin Region.

More donations are coming in for the Moosomin Airport Expansion Project.

Another $75,000 came in recently for the airport expansion project, which will allow access to the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance.

Three $25,000 donations came in recently, one from Triple Pine Farms, one from Roy Farms (Craig Roy) and an anonymous donation of $25,000.

“The anonymous donation, a big reason that they said they made the donation is that they were looking after their grandchildren,” said RM of Moosomin CAO Kendra Lawrence.

“That’s why they made the contribution, so that their grandchildren would be taken care of should something ever be needed to get them out by air ambulance. They felt it was very important and that’s what they were leaving as their grandchildren’s legacy.”

She said Craig Roy told her he was motivated to donate because of the improved access for the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance

“He said that he felt it was an important project to support and he sees the value in the health side of things and making sure that the air ambulance is available,” she said.

Other smaller donations are coming in as well.

The $10.6 million airport expansion has been divided into four quarters for fundraising, with the provincial government, local municipalities, Nutrien, and local businesses and individuals each being responsible for one-quarter of the cost, or $2,650,000.

The fourth stage of fundraising, involving businesses and individuals is now at about $1.75 million.

Dr. Schalk Van Der Merwe said recently he’s happy to see the significant donations coming in for the airport expansion.

“I read a book by Mark Messier that’s called ‘No one wins alone,’ and I think that this describes this project and a lot of other things that are going on in this community. In a community where everyone comes together, everybody wins. No one can win alone. You can’t do it all by yourself.

“Without generous support from local businesses, this project would never be where it is. If you look at the 15 municipalities who are supporting this, and so many private businesses. It’s incredible to see how it ties the community together,” Dr. Van said.