Fundraiser planned for Sam Burroughs

In wake of devastating house fire

May 2, 2024, 4:21 pm
Ashley Bochek


A fundraiser is being planned for June 1 in Moosomin to help out Sam Burroughs, who lost almost everything in a recent house fire.

Ed Blondeau and Angela Thorn are helping organize the event.

“We’ve had a couple meetings now so everything seems to be going good.” Ed says. “Right now, the fundraiser is June 1. There will be a steak supper at the MCC. We’re all in the planning stage right now. We have got lots of response already from people willing to donate their time.”

Angela adds, “The Moosomin Fire Department, the Local Métis Group, the Kinsmen, and Kinettes are involved with planning the fundraiser.”

“I am part of the fire department too so there is that connection plus he is a Métis so there is that connection as well.” Ed said. “The family came around and wondered if there was anything that we can do to help, along with the Métis group. He is part of the Kinsmen also. He does a lot for the community, that is the thing. Lots of it is behind the scenes.”

Angela adds,“There is insurance of course, but you know there is always catches. There is still places where he is losing money and he’s not going to be able to rebuild right away still going to have to live, stuff like that.”

Huge volunteer
She says if anyone deserves the community’s support, it’s Sam.

“He is a huge volunteer in the community and he is always the first person there if you need help with something. He has been my neighbor for many years. He’s helped us with letting our dog out or giving our daughter a ride to and from work. He would give you the shirt of your back. He is a great guy so I just feel like he deserves it.”

Feels good to help
Ed says it feels good to be able to help.

“It’s making me feel really good and even the response we are getting from people—it’s good. We are expecting to raise a lot. We don’t have a target. It will be what it will be. We are hoping it will be very successful. We did think about the silent auction and are thinking about a 50/50, but everything is still all in the planning stages.”

Angela adds, “We will sell tickets for the supper. Then after we will have drinks and music and the silent auction. The supper will be $40 and if people want to come after it will be $20 cover and you can come have a drink and bid on the silent auction items. The tickets will be available at Home Hardware, the Town Office, any of the fire department members or the Kinsmen, the World-Spectator, or Ed. I will also make up a Facebook post for people to share and find information in the next few days.”

Organizers are hoping for 400 people at the fundraiser.

“The Firemen are going to be cooking the steak supper. You will die for our steak!” Ed said.

“We’re thinking probably steak, potatoes, and a salad and maybe some dessert. Of course, we would accept it if people wanted to donate any desserts.” Angela says.

Ed says once the family contacted the Fire Department the fundraiser it was decided to go forward with it. “After a fire we will meet at the Fire Hall, where we talk and we really didn’t push it until the family got involved. Once the family was involved then we decided to do it. I think it will be good.”

Angela said that Sam likes to help others, but isn’t used to being on the receiving end.

“Sam is pretty proud. It would have been tough to convince him to let us do it, but because his family and community groups wanted to do it, we just decided to. He is staying at our house and when I got home last night he said ‘Well you will just have to prerecord me because if I have to get up and do some speech I am not going to be able to talk’. He is pretty overwhelmed right now, it is a lot.”

Feeling the love
Angela says Burroughs is overwhelmed by the communities support and can’t believe the amount of love he is feeling from everyone in the community.

“Sam just said already he can’t believe the support,” says Angela. “My dad showed up and gave him some money, the local clothing stores reached out and have given him credits there, and the Red Barn the other night he went to get his supper and Melinda wouldn’t let him pay, just stuff like that. He is just overwhelmed by that. He feels the love from the community and he deserves it.

“We’ve got a great town here. We also have a great fire department. I know I can’t stop saying that, but it was right next door to my house and when they all rolled in there, I said it was just like watching Chicago Fire.

“The vehicles were barely stopped and guys were running out with hoses and they looked like professionals. They were there so fast. We are so lucky to have a good fire department.

“It probably was only 10 minutes until they got there, but it felt like longer—when we were watching it spread it was terrifying. I get why people get PTSD and nothing bad really happened—Sam lost his home, but he’s fine the dog is fine.”

She said she credits her daughter and her friend for alerting everyone to the fire.

“Our daughter, she is 15 and it was her and her friend that woke us up and thank God for them. They are very overwhelmed by the whole thing. It’s just a lot for their young minds. People keep saying ‘oh, we heard that you guys were the heroes’ and I keep saying ‘no, these 15-year-old girls were the heroes because they did the right thing.”

If anyone would like to contribute to the silent auction they can contact Angela Thorn at 306-434-9286, Sharen Hogarth at 306-434-9689 or Ed Blondeau at 306-435-4350.