MVAC recognized provincially

Moosomin Visual Arts Centre recognized as part of Arts of Celebration

May 13, 2024, 10:53 am
Ashley Bochek


The Moosomin Visual Arts Centre just opened earlier this year and is already receiving provincial recognition.

The arts centre is being recognized as part of the Arts of Celebration night held by Sask Arts at Darke Hall in Regina May 27.

Krista Crellin and Terry Grant of the Visual Arts Centre explain how the centre developed from an idea to an operating arts facility within a year.

The arts centre was submitted to the Economic Development Committee in 2023 as an idea that the community was missing.

Krista explains, “The Economic Development Comittee (EDC) had sent out a poll asking businesses in town what they thought would help the economy in Moosomin and what they thought maybe was missing. I sent a letter back saying I thought that an arts centre would be really valuable to the town and that it was needed.

“Then, Casey took it to the EDC and they agreed. So, I came and talked to them and then from there, we established a board, got non-profit status, talked to the town, and found a building.

“I’m surprised it went as quickly as it did. It has come together quickly and smoothly, considering all that we have done.”

The arts centre has been busy with hosting a variety of classes.

“About three nights or days a week we try to have something going on. Then there are the kids classes that are three times a week as well. Classes are about ten people on average, each class.”

Terry lists the different classes offered since opening the arts centre. “We have hosted acrylic painting, oil painting, pasta making, linocut, bun making, kids cooking, alcohol ink, and Easter egg decorating.

Krista adds, “We have done knitting, there will be crochet, we’ve done macrame, photography, and drawing. Painting classes have been the easiest to fill. People like acrylic and oil painting and we have offered those the most. There is a lot of people that will teach that.

“The kids’ classes have been very popular too­—anything we do for kids usually fills up pretty quick.”

Terry says the painting and cooking classes have been good for the centre. “We have upcoming watercolor painting so we will see how that goes, all other painting classes have been good. Cooking classes have been really good too. Bun making went over really well.”

Krista adds they will be offering a sourdough class soon, “We got sourdough coming up and I believe there are already six people in that class.”

Pasta making class.<br />


Terry explains they are working on reaching different areas to attract more people and artists to the centre. “Something we have been discussing lately is how to attract more people from different areas. That is a tricky statistic to come up with.”

Krista adds, “We have had someone from Redvers and there have been some Manitoba people. Lots from Rocanville. We haven’t kept much track of it yet.”

“Even Maryfield we have had a few people come from.” Terry said.

Krista says they have lots of ideas for future classes to offer at the arts centre.

“There are so many ideas. We are really open to anything. I know we want to get the pottery up and going. We have glass studio coming, in which classes will start at the end of the month. We have a room set aside for Darlene Strong to set it all up.”

Terry says,“That will be downstairs in one of the rooms. It is starting to take shape.”

The arts centre has exciting events planned for the summer. Terry says, “We have three Makers Markets planned. In the middle of June we are partnering with CARFAC and Sask Art to do a travelling mentorship program. That is in the works right now. That will be open to the public.”

“I think we will try and have a food vendor at the Makers Markets each time. We need some live music, we are not sure about that yet, we are looking for people. Anybody, who makes anything, it could be food, crafts, anything really is welcome to come and get a table.” Krista explains.

Alcohol ink class.<br />


Provincial recognition
The Moosomin Visual Arts Centre has been recognized for creating an arts program in our area.

Terry says, “It feels pretty cool being nominated. We are not even sure what that is going to look like moving forward. We think we are doing a good job and to see the industry recognizes that as well is really cool. We had heard we were being nominated.”

Krista explains, “They sent an email explaining there is an Arts of Celebration at Darke Hall and that we were recognized and we can come. It is a good chance to network and get our name out there and also be visible to Sask Arts who give a lot of money to arts organizations and artists in the province.

“It is a good opportunity for us. Sask Arts will give out grants, but usually you have to be established for about a year, but if they know us and talk to somebody then they know of us.

Terry says, “When we had our Omentum arts display here already, Sask Arts came and toured our space as well, but that is only one divisions of it. There are different divisions and we just have to get known by all the divisions.

“MADAC has booked two of the arts displays for this season so this was the first one and the next one happens in January. So, in the meantime I would like to do local art. I would like to see a monthly display.”

Mother’s Day paintings for kids.<br />


Arts centre has come a long way
“I think it is surreal to look back on how far we have come.” Krista said.

Terry says it is amazing seeing the people experience the classes.

“It’s so awesome. When you can see people that have been through the classes and come out and they’re pumped because they can’t wait for the next one, it’s really good.”

They have had many suggestions for classes and are open to developing some of the ideas into classes.

“Lots of people have suggested their ideas, probably more than we can handle, there are lots of suggestions. All we need is a teacher attached to each suggestion. That would make it easier.”

Krista adds, “There is a lot of people messaging us saying they would love to see classes like this, I have always wanted to learn this. So, we are taking suggestions.”

They are hoping to get their pottery classes going soon.

“Money is the thing. We have one wheel, one kiln, the wiring and the other things we need done to run the kiln should be done by the end of the week. We will see how that plays out, but then it is to purchase the remainder of the equipment. Sponsorship that is always a big part of that.” Terry said.

Krista adds, “We think about $30,000 will get our clay up and running with everything that we want. That is a big expense on the list of wants, the pottery. It is just taking a bit of time. I think for pottery we should be able to do hand-building classes (which don’t require a pottery wheel) right away.”

Terry says they have been working on supplying other tools for a variety of different arts. “We have been trying to buy some supplies a little bit here and there. Amongst that we have gone ahead and gotten a longarm, a quilting machine, to appeal to the people who are quilting. We are trying to diversify a little bit, not just focus on one area. It is coming, the pottery seems to feels a little bit slow, but it is partly because so many other things have been going on.”

Spring live moss bulb arrangements led by Dana Crosson.<br />


Hopes for the future
Krista and Terry have high hopes for the future of the arts centre.

Terry says, “I think we are just touching the tip of the iceberg on people that know about, it because there are still a lot of other people who don’t know and meeting those people’s needs. There is a lot of room to grow yet, hopefully we just keep rolling.”

Krista says, “I hope it grows and I hope people use it and we create a bunch of artists here that start when they’re young. Then, they keep using our space to create.

“In the future, I would hope that we have a couple more employees just to help make it run a little bit easier and faster. I would hope that from the time it is open to the time it is closed for the day that there is somebody there creating.

“I hope we have enough spaces, mediums of art available, and equipment there that people can just come in and work and create.”

Terry adds, “Or view. I really see a dedicated gallery space being something that is important. Also, the adequate staffing would allow that to be a possibility. I can see that meeting peoples needs for getting some exposure.”

Krista states, “I hope we are well known enough and established enough that we can attract International artists who come and teach here and host classes or do a residence, stuff like that would be amazing, not just for the centre, but for the town. I am proud of what we have accomplished so far. We are doing what we set out to do.”

Terry explains they have heard lots of positive feedback from the community for its variety of arts classes.

“We have heard positive feedback for the most part. I know I have heard a number of times, lots of people never would have thought they would have been able to do certain arts in Moosomin or take classes in Moosomin. One thing I hear all the time is people who say they aren’t creative, but once they take a class and try it, they realize they can be creative. I know some of those people who were drawing with Devon Taylor had skills they didn’t even know they had. Like everything else, it is not just inherent ability, you have to practice.”

Students are finding there is lots to learn and create at the variety of classes offered at the Moosomin Visual Arts Centre.”></a><br />
<p class=Students are finding there is lots to learn and create at the variety of classes offered at the Moosomin Visual Arts Centre.