Big weekend coming up at Moosomin Lake

Bands Saturday and Sunday nights • Fireworks Sunday Skrizzly Adams added to performers along with Blu Beach Band and Odd Man Out

June 24, 2024, 8:47 am
Kevin Weedmark

 Kids enjoying the beach and the lake.

It’s going to be a big weekend at Moosomin Regional Park, with beer gardens and bands both Saturday and Sunday nights and fireworks Sunday night.
For the last several years the park has hosted fireworks on the August long weekend, and this year decided to change it up with the move to the July long weekend, but keeping the format of beer gardens and bands for two nights.

The Blu Beach Band is playing Saturday night, and Odd Man Out is playing Sunday night, with a last-minute addition of recording artist Skrizzly Adams to the lineup on Sunday night.

There is lots planned for the weekend, says Kyle Jeannot of the organizing committee. “There is going to be a kids’ sandcastle building contest, pontoon boat rides on the Saturday, a road hockey tournament, beer gardens with a DJ and then Blu Beach Band.

“Then, the Sunday night will be a scavenger hunt, a kids version and adult version that is more challenging, and then a beach volleyball tournament, pontoon boat rides again, we’ll have Skrizzly Adams on stage, and then fireworks at 10:30 pm and then beer gardens as well, then Look Music and Odd Man Out will close up the night. That is the plan for right now.

“The fireworks will be a smaller show than on the old Fireworks weekends It will be similar to the fireworks last year, but no drones this year.” Archangel Fireworks from Winnipeg, which has competed in the fireworks weekend in the past, will put on the show.

Jeannot says they planned for an earlier weekend this summer to accommodate more families who might not be able to attend later in the summer.

“More people want something happening Canada Day so we are going to try and give this a go. It is something different. Kids are out of school so hopefully it will pull families coming camping at the lake that weekend. It is called Waving in Canada Day at the Lake. We are hoping it will pull people to the lake earlier this year. It will be similar to August long, just a smaller fireworks show, and just the one night for the fireworks.”
He says the committee has put a lot of work into planning the July long weekend.

“Booking the fireworks and getting them here, and making sure there are events, like booking bands and there is security. There is quite a few things that go into the planning.”

The committee is always ready to welcome more volunteers.

“We have a committee put together. There is about seven of us on it right now. Last year we had the Filipino community help out with parking. We could always use more volunteers. Anyone can contact myself if they are interested in volunteering.”
He says the committee decided to do something different this year to attract more people.

“It was a committee decision to move the weekend up this year to try something different. A lot of people were coming last year on Canada Day saying there isn’t anything to do in town with the rodeo event a couple weeks down the road. This gave us an opportunity to change it up and give people a changed timeline to do things throughout the summer. During August long people are usually busy with weddings or travelling.”

Jeannot says events like this are important for the regional park.
“I think it is huge to have these events at the lake. It draws people in and helps us get campers in there. It gets people to experience the lake.
“One thing we are hoping if we can get people there earlier in the year maybe they will find that they really like it. Maybe they’ll stay all summer and book sites through the summer. Maybe put it on their bucket list for next year that they want to come back.”

The committee hopes to see lots of people come out.
“It would be nice to see about 2,000 people there. We know it is not going to be as big as the August long weekends were, when we had 7,000 people, but people are always looking for something to do.

“Tickets are $20 for the weekend per person over 19 years old. Then, 10 and under are free, and $10 for a wristband for 11-18 year olds. That gets you there all weekend and for adults into the beer gardens. It should be more cost effective for families too.”

They are hoping to attract people from the surrounding area for the event.
“I think you will probably see more local people for this one. Before, we had seen people from Brandon, Winnipeg, and Regina come out, and probably as far as Weyburn and Estevan. If we can get people from around the area—Redvers, Rocanville, Whitewood, into the McAuley area and pull from that crowd, there should be no reason we can’t have 2,000 people.”

He says it is exciting planning the long weekend for the lake.
“It is a lot of fun to plan this and see it come together. I try to have fun that weekend, but it is usually the last night that our committee doesn’t have to worry about anything we can usually have some fun, but it will be good. We are looking forward to getting lots of people out and have something to do for Canada Day. It is good to get people out there.”

If this year the July Long goes well they have hopes to continue this event every year.

“We would plan to have it like this every year if it turns out good this year. August long—that time of year is always tough because you got farmers starting to get in the field, or some campers may be starting to leave. We’re hoping this time of year works better. I hope it goes well and will be a good turnout.”

Jeannot says the July Long Weekend is also to help raise money for upgrades and maintenance at the lake.

“It is for both the people to have fun, and for fundraising. We are always trying to raise money to put money back into the lake. Whether that is a playground, or the water treatment plant they did years ago, they just put a dog park at the lake this year. I know there is going to be a backstop for the ball diamond, I know the Kinettes donated money for that so that is ready to go. It just has to be finalized. Also, upgrading sites whether it is upgrading power or sewer. Everything is at least 30 amp right now, there is a few on the list that are needing repairs. They just fixed the bathrooms down at the South end of the lake. We will raise money to help cover those things. That is always something we are looking into anytime we can raise money for the lake and to get people out to enjoy it, experience it, it’s kind of a hidden gem.

“It would be nice to raise $25,000 ideally, that is our goal for this year.
Anyone who wants to volunteer can contact Jeannot at