I am so proud of how our area has responded to Covid-19

March 30, 2020, 1:10 pm


I am so proud of how our area has been responding to the Covid-19 pandemic so far.

This pandemic is casting a dark shadow across the world right now, but there are rays of light in how people are responding.

I am proud of our local health care professionals. We are very fortunate to have excellent health facilities and top-notch health care professionals in our area who we are going to rely on heavily over the next few months.

I am proud of our local businesses and organizations. Businesses in the area that are not essential closed their doors to the public to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus before they were told they have to. For many businesses it is a very difficult decision to decide whether to close at a time like this or try to continue operating.

Some have made the decision to close, to keep their staff and customers as safe as possible. This is a big sacrifice for many businesses, as many face fixed costs like mortgages, payments on inventory, property tax and many more costs that still have to be paid whether the business is open or closed. I respect the businesses that have made this decision.

Others have made the decision to remain open. Most of these are businesses that are providing needed services. Many are operating at a loss to try to keep open and keep services available they believe the community needs. I respect the businesses that have made this decision.

Please remember just how important our local businesses are, and give them all the support you can at this time.

I’m proud of our businesses and organizations that have taken measures to limit contact as much as possible.

Many businesses and organizations are taking the coronavirus very seriously and have put strict and thorough measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Many times this comes at a cost to the business, but health is being put first, as it always should be.

I’m proud of our local councils. Our local councils have led by example, holding their meetings in new ways to limit personal contact to an absolute minimum. Moosomin town council met virtually last Wednesday, and Esterhazy town council will use the same technology for their next meeting. Redvers council met via group text Wednesday.

It is wonderful to see how people are responding to this crisis.

Whatever happens in the next few months, I’m sure we will look back on this period as a time we pulled together as communities to get through this crisis.

Best idea of the week
I had a call from Arlene Fyke on Friday, suggesting that we start a groundswell of support to provide extra financial compensation to our health care workers who are on the front line of this crisis.

“Health care workers are taking more risk than most of us and are making a lot of sacrifices,” she said. “Why are we not providing them some extra compensation for what they are doing for us? As a taxpayer, I’m willing to pay a little bit more to help the people who are going to be there for us through this. A lot of them have even come back from retirement to help in this crisis.”

I have people come to me every day with ideas, but as I told Arlene Friday morning, that was the best idea I have heard in a long time!

If you agree, talk to your MP, talk to your MLA, and let’s show our support for the people who are going to get us through this!

And make sure you let your friends and neighbors who work in health care know how much we all appreciate them!

Canadians respond in the right way
Covid-19 has hit the economy like a sledgehammer and it has had an effect on charitable giving.
Canadian charities are finding that donations are . . .


According to Canada Helps, an organization representing charities, in the last few weeks there has been more than a 50 per cent rise in monthly gifts from Canadians for charities during this time of need. Canadians are doing their part from home—donating online, in spite of their own economic uncertainty.

That makes me proud to be a Canadian!