Multiple collisions along Highway 1, traffic backed up due to dangerous road conditions in Wolseley area

April 13, 2021, 3:22 pm

The icy road conditions three miles east of Wolseley along Highway 1, which is completely blocked by a jacknifed semi and has a lengthy backup of vehicles due to poor road conditions

Indian Head RCMP are on scene of multiple collisions along Highway #1 east of Regina. No injuries have been reported at this time.

Three miles east of Wolseley, the eastbound lane of Highway #1 is completely blocked at this time by a jack-knifed semi. No injuries have been reported. There is a very lengthy backup of vehicles and due to dangerous road conditions in the area, officers cannot re-route traffic at this time.

Traffic can expect delays for the next 3-4 hours minimum. RCMP do not recommend travel at this time. Due to dangerous conditions, there may be a delay in officers being able to get to your location. RCMP are asking motorists to please consult the Highway Hotline at your location, as well as your destination and roads in between.

There is another accident in the eastbound lanes between Whitewood and Broadview blocking the lanes.

There are multiple semis blocking the westbound Lane on Hwy 1 near Broadview, and the road is impassable at this time.

There is also an accident on the eastbound lane between Broadview and Grenfell.

West of Regina, around 7:15 this morning, White Butte RCMP responded to a report of a semi jack-knifed across both westbound lanes of Highway #1 approximately two miles west of the Grand Coulee exit. The driver did not report any injuries. Police officers re-routed traffic on grid roads in the immediate area. The roadway was cleared around noon today.

The Highway Hotline is the best source for road information and updates in the province. Right now there are still road closures being reported in red on the site, including a long section of Highway #1.