Carscadden Funeral Chapel honors moms

April 27, 2021, 9:01 am


Carscadden Funeral Chapel plans to hand out flowers this Mother’s Day, the first time the company has made such a gesture.

“Actually my mom was the reason behind me going ahead with this project,” said Ellisha Park of Carscadden Funeral Chapel.

“She had seen that another funeral home does this each year and asked if that’s something Carscadden’s could do and I thought, ‘well that’s a wonderful idea, I can’t see why we can’t.’

“My boss thought that it was a great way to give back to the community and said ‘yes, go ahead and plan this event.’

She said staff from the funeral home will be at the two main cemeteries in Moosomin, as well as Virden and Reston to hand out flowers on the Mothers’ Day weekend.

“We’ll have a couple of the staff from the Moosomin office, one at the Moosomin South Cemetery and one at Sunset Memorial Gardens and they’ll be handing out complimentary flowers, while supplies last. With it being our first year we don’t know what the turnout will be but I’ve got some pretty good feedback so far.

“We will also be set up at the Virden cemetery and the Reston cemetery. We have an office in Reston, so we’ll be set up there for an hour or two on the Saturday and then we’ll be setup for a couple hours at the Virden cemetery on Mother’s Day Sunday as well.”

As this is the first time Carscadden’s has done something like this, Park had to estimate the number of people who will pick up flowers.

“I just went out on a limb and estimated and have pre-ordered 75 flowers for each location right now. And if there are people from other communities that aren’t associated with the cemeteries we will be at, they are more than welcome to call and arrange to come and pick up a flower from our office before Mother’s Day, and take it to their cemetery.”

Park said Carscadden’s has not done anything like this before as far as she knows, but she plans to continue with it in the future.

“I will for sure be doing this for the years to come,” she said.

“During the difficult times with Covid-19 right now, it just seemed to be a way of brightening people’s day, and I just thought it was a good gesture to do at this time.

“I hope it goes over well and I have high hopes for it.

“I’m hoping that people will come out and at least take a flower and visit their mom’s or wife’s grave at the cemetery and spend some time there.”

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