Proof of vaccine will be required for Shrine event

October 13, 2021, 1:55 pm
Kevin Weedmark

Bill Thorn holds up the poster for the Derina Harvey Band concert.

The Moosomin Shrine Club is letting people know now that proof of vaccine or a negative Covid test will be required to attend their Derina Harvey Band supper and concert on November 26. The Shriners want to ensure people have time to be Covid compliant and get vaccinated before the event, or sell their tickets if they don’t plan to come.

The concert is almost sold out, and Shrine member Bill Thorn says this gives people time to make plans if they bought a ticket.

“It’s virtually a sellout. This event will be 100 per cent covid compliant,” he said last week.

“We want to make sure that people understand that if they come to this event, whatever the Covid rules are that day will be in place. If you have to have proof of double vaccination or a negative Covid test before you enter—and that includes all of the people who have tickets and all of the people who are working at it, our people—everybody is going to be 100 per cent compliant with all the Covid rules.

“We’re not judging whether the Covid rules are right or wrong. But we want to be compliant, and want to respect the rules of the day by whoever is legislating them and we want to make our customers, the people that support us, feel comfortable that that’s the case. And that’s really important that they understand that we don’t want you feeling that your health is in jeopardy by coming to our function.

“If you already have a ticket and do not choose to comply, it’s your responsibility to find someone to take that ticket, we don’t intend to refund on that basis.

“People have lots of time to get double vaccinated and lots of time to sell their tickets. The show is sold out now. There will be lots of people looking for tickets down the road. So the tickets aren’t going to be hard to sell, but we don’t want to get in the middle of that. Lots of people bought tables and we don’t know who’s at their table. It’s up to you to find someone to take that spot.”

Thorn says if the rules change before the concert, then the Shriners will change their rules accordingly.

“If the rules change then we are going to change. We’ll do the best we can to comply with the latest version of the rules.

“In the event that we have to cancel then yes, we will be responsible for refunds.

“The Shriners would like to thank the community for its tremendous support of this project and their other fundraisers.”