Sod turning held for Redvers helipad

July 25, 2022, 8:08 am
Kara Kinna

Sod turning for STARS helipad at Redvers A sod-turning was held last week for a new STARS helipad at Redvers  From left are Brittany Rowe, Doug Bennett, Brad Hutton, Wes Malin, Pat Ross, and Micheal Sylvestre with the Redvers Fire Department turning the sod for the new helipad being built by the fire hall so that STARS air ambulance can land there.

A sod turning was held last week for a 60-by-60-foot helipad that is being built on the northeast side of the Redvers Fire Hall.

The helipad is being built so that STARS Air Ambulance can land at the fire hall and patient transfers can take place from the ambulance to STARS right at the fire hall. The ambulance will drive into the fire hall and do patient transfers right inside the fire hall. Patients will then be wheeled out on a smooth concrete walkway from the fire hall to the helipad, where the STARS air ambulance will be waiting. As part of the project, the concrete walkway is also being constructed.

Fundraising for the helipad started in the spring of 2021 after a local resident, Jens Hansen, got the ball rolling when his grandchild needed to use STARS Air Ambulance. A fundraising committee was put together and within a few months, the committee had secured donations and commitments from local businesses and municipalities to meet its goal of raising $82,000 for the project.

Aside from the helipad and concrete walkway, the project will also consist of a flagpole with directional windsock, three LED floodlights attached to the fire hall, a fresh air compressor for filling the firemenís air packs and all the wiring and electrical required for the project.

Groundwork and equipment for the project are being donated by Dangstorp Services, clay is being donated by Advantage Co-op, and gravel is being donated by the RM of Antler. The town of Redvers has donated $10,000 toward the project, and other RMs in the area and local businesses have helped bring the project to fruition.

Redvers fire department is hoping the project will take a few weeks to complete and that STARS can start using the helipad by mid-August.

STARS has been coming to Redvers since 2014.