McNaughton Home Ec Renovation has begun

July 2, 2024, 9:28 am
Ashley Bochek

McNaughton High School  begins demolition in Home Ec lab.

McNaughton High School has begun upgrading their Home Ec lab with demolition starting on June 21.

Principal Sherrie Meredith says she is excited to see the project begin and to be involved with community fundraisers supporting the Home Ec lab upgrade.

“Our fundraising total right now is $22,920. We are also going to be the recipients of the Co-op barbecue on July 18. We are also going to be the recipients of the Fuel Good Day in September, so we have a couple things on the go. We are excited to see what upgrades we can do with that fundraising as well.”

Meredith said they started demolition on Friday, June 21 and will continue over the summer.

“It is officially demolition time—two weeks ago we started. So far, the floor is out, and we are working on taking the two walls down. We are thinking of painting the ceiling black. Flooring is the next to come in.

“We are hoping it is ready by September for the next school year, but who knows. The millwork was finalized just yesterday too—Co-op will be doing it. We have a part of the Community Spaces grant that I applied for as well that will go toward that.”
The appliances were also purchased locally. “We got our equipment from Zaylie’s.” Meredith said.

She says they’re taking two walls down to make the space bigger. “Both walls inside will be coming out to create a more spacious room, and then we are going to have a pony wall to separate the kitchen from the sewing, cosmo, and interior design area,” Meredith says. “We didn’t even realize how big the space actually is until taking everything out. It’ll be good to see it redone with a new functionality.”

Meredith says they have purchased new appliances so far with their fundraising budget.

“We set a goal of $50,000 but we called it a PAA upgrade at this point because whatever we don’t use in here—we have our whole PAA program, the concession is at the other end, and the IA lab—will be used in other areas. So far we have spent about half our fundraising total with purchasing all of our appliances.

“When all the quotes come in then we can make more decisions on where the money will take us,” Meredith says. “We did a stainless steel upgrade that was on the school, so the division would pay for the quartz. We’re doing quartz on all of the perimeter counters and then laminate on the sewing counters. There are also two island spaces that we have updated to stainless steel, and those upgrades are on our dime.”

Meredith says the students and staff are very excited to see the home ec lab once the upgrade is complete.

“We’re very excited. The kids last week were so excited as well. Even to see the original brick on the north wall that shows where the building used to end and this was a newer add on that was built in 1964. It’s pretty exciting for sure to see new life come into the building.”

To donate you can send an E-transfer to: and indicate “Home Ec Fundraiser” in the notes section of the transfer.

Home Ec teacher Laura Teale helps with demolition, sledgehammering a cindercrete wall, creating a more open space for the renovated Home Ec Lab.<br />


The empty kitchen space in Home Ec Lab. At right in the photo, the original brick exterior of the school can be seen.<br />