Grant “Beauford“ Silvius

Grant “Beauford“ Silvius

January 1, 1947 - April 1, 2024

As published in the May 20, 2024 World-Spectator


On April 1, 2024, my one and only brother Grant Meritt “Beauf“ Silvius passed away at his home in Maryfield, Saskatchewan. He was 77 years old.
Grant was the first child born in the, then new, Wawota Hospital on January 1, 1947. It was -38˚.

He was a happy, chubby, little boy in his brown corduroy overalls, white shirt and leather boots.

When he got older he liked to take his old dog Tex, his gun, axe, and a little backpack (with water, raisins, biscuits, cheese and matches) and go into the bush to camp for a day or two. He would build a shelter lean-to that was covered in branches.

Grant left home in 1953 and started on the pipeline at age 16 as a swamper. He always wanted to be a farmer he said, but the pipeline became his life's career.

Grant was a “Wrapper“ before “Rappers“ were even heard of!
He married the love of his life Elaine and had three children Terry, Dee and Dallas and five grandchildren. He always had a dog or two and they were either Pugs or Boxers.

When we were kids at home, Grant's nickname was “Muskrat“ and somewhere along the way he acquired the name “Beauford.“

Grant turned out to be a big man in size and heart. He was always smiling and was generous with both his cash and his jokes.

Grant was known from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.

I left home in July of 1953 and regrettably did not have much contact with Grant until we all retired. The last time that I talked to him was on my 86th birthday on March 31, 2024. We had some good laughs, jokes, went up one side and down the other on those politicians, and had a happy goodbye. Never did it cross my mind that he would be gone the next day and would not be there when I came to visit at the end of June.

So farewell dear brother and rest in peace. I will never forget you and I look forward to meeting you again when my last train leaves the station.
Love as ever, your sister,


P.S. I will have a Bud Light tomato juice chaser for you!

The day you left us,
The world stood still.
The shock was beyond belief,
Words of courage, our hearts can't fill,
Our eyes full of tears can't be cleared.
The pond in the meadow is frozen over now,
The leafless trees stand naked, asleep till spring, hills covered in snow,
Will awaken and the world will glow.
So dry up your tears, open your hearts,
And try to weep no more.
Look up to Heaven, see the blue sky there,
And Jesus by His open door.